PROJECT TITLE: “THESAURUS”. Project/intervention in the region created for the enterprise of “operational computer science for the fruition of the Cultural Good”

CORPORATE BODY FINANCIER: Ministry of Labor and Social Development 10/04/91 L.125 –D.M. 27.12.2000


DURATION: 10 months

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: “Thesaurus” (from the Latin, a location to place and guard wealth). Armida has foreseen the realization of a local project articulated and integrated with the Center of Women and Work of Conversano; which has seen in recent years, for all women, the development in the sector of the technological innovation, through the Council for the Development of the Local economy, strong party to the development of juvenile and female entrepreneurship with the resources of the region, including the National Scientific High School “S. Simone” and National Teacher's College, “S. Benedetto” of Conversano, parties connecting the scholastic world with the job world, through technological innovation and professional orientation. The project method has been structured to understand the realities involved in the field: after specialized classroom instruction, a phase of formation/intervention is done in multimedia laboratories of contributing schools, foreseeing the presence, in applicable phases, of students and teachers interacting in the job of the trainees, allowing students to function outside the narrow reach of the classroom. The project is to be realized in 2 parts organized by the trainees and experts of the job sector: the first introductory, focusing on defining the professional figures in the market of the exploitation of cultural resources, the second taking place mainly in schools, devoted to orientation in the job world.
In this way three objectives are reached:

RECIPIENTS: The project is suited to a group of 12 women, ages between 18 and 40 years, residents of the Commune of Conversano, and of the other nearby communities of the Regional Pact “Polis” (Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Mola di Bari, Monopoli, Noci, Polignano a Mare, Putignano, Rutigliano, Sammichele di Bari, Turi) and of the Interprovincial Tourist Consortium “Trulli Sea Caves” (Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Cisternino, Putignano, Fasano, Polignano a Mare, Locorotondo, Monopoli, Martina Franca, Noci) laureate/diploma, with previous experience in the field of reference, with appropriate knowledge of computer science and good personal knowledge of a foreign language, with a mature understanding of enterprise in the sector of the development of the cultural good.