The Armida Services

The Armida cooperative has matured with experience in the management, fruition, development and promotion of the Cultural Good in the city of Conversano. In specific the goals of intervention are:

Services for the development and fruition of the Cultural Good.
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After years of experience, the Armida cooperative has standardized classical itineraries (archaeological, environmental and historical-artistic) and alternative (endogastronomic and animation), in the primary location of work and in the whole of Apulia. Accompanied by Italian language guides and foreign guides, visitors can satisfy their desire for knowledge through the history, the artistic wonder, the ancient traditions of the region.
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Armida is capable with its specialized employees and equipment to create numerous informative events, effective for the fruition of cultural good and promotion and exploitation of the history of art. The specific experience of its partners and collaborators allows for instructional capacity of disabled individuals (deaf, blind, physically disabled people).
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Armida promotes tourism through the public corporate body, offering solutions to the demands of tourist promotion sought by public administration, marketing to the needs of private operators, with the purpose of realizing projects in all realms of tourist development.
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For many years, Armida has collaborated with experienced advisors to develop regional analysis integrating the study and the delineation of strategic lines of intervention in the cultural and tourist sector, with the purpose to seek out and to create the most advantageous opportunities for correct planning and execution.
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For the management of the Cultural Good, Armida offers a vast range of experience; a mechanism for development and growth, and a reference for competence and professionalism for improving the regional cultural and artistic patrimony.
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