The Peuceti and Greek culture: Norba

(Archaeological section of the Civic Museum of Conversano)

Between the 5th and 3rd centuries. B.C. the populations of the Pauceti and the Greeks gathered, seen by the deep influence that the Greek culture of the classical Hellenistic ages had on the native culture of the Peucezia.
In this period Norba, “The Strong City”, the ancient city of Conversano, occupied the hill around which the inhabited area was organized, as a diffused population.
The museum offers rich documentation of these centuries, almost constituted exclusively by the funeral remains of the era.
The history is mostly seen by the remains of ceramics, offering a sample of form and decoration: rich depictions of figures in red of the “table set” to the more shiny black varnish of the ceramic pints of the Gnathia style; not overlooked, however, are the native ceramics of everyday use, formed, handled and decorated with bands.
Particularly important, are the series of objects in bronze and iron,: tripods, lances and javelins, belt fragments, etc.
As for the art of the goldsmith, finally, from the grave of a young girl of the 3rd century. B.C. a small ring is found.