Management of the Cultural Good

Thanks to many years of experience in the management of the services related to the public fruition of the cultural Good (museums, galleries, libraries etc.), Armida, has developed a professional maturity in all sectors of cultural promotion, to which it is entrusted.

It boasts well founded theoretical knowledges and suitable tools to face the vast problems linked with the management and the maintenance of the archaeological, artistic, literary and architectural Cultural Good.

Armida systematically applies, for the accomplishment of its activities, advanced computer technology enabling the greatest promotion of the Cultural Good; advancing, modernizing and aiding fruition: all the multimedia and the computer tools used by Armida conform to the most advanced international standards for accessibility by disabled persons to these new technologies.

It plans and enables informative instruction in museums, libraries and archives through the preparation of workshops for adults, children and disabled persons.

It possesses appropriate knowledge of all resources (national and regional) useful in assisting public administrators, in the editing of projects and in the developing of new managerial models for the fruition of the Cultural Good.