The ARMIDA cooperative

Armida is a Cooperative Society located in Conversano (BA) founded in 1999 and is mostly constituted by women.
Its strength is represented through the tenacity and professionalism of its constituents, whose goal is the development of methodologies and ideas for the greater awareness of historical and artistic heritage.
In the vast and complex world of cultural development, Armida plays an active role in a wide range of subject matter.
Thanks to many years of experience and the help of partners; Armida is able to respond to the needs of public administration, aiding the growth and management of museums and libraries, offering tourist itineraries, and organizing cultural, artistic, and recreational events.

A Cultural Organization

As an Organization, Armida encourages community development and the growth of Cultural Good by planning and managing entertaining, informative, and intellectually stimulating events to groups of all ages.
Cultural awareness is essential for everyone, and the Development and Fruition of this awareness is the goal of Armida.